Monday, January 7, 2013

Another Casualty in For-Profit Higher Ed

I've posted before (with perhaps a touch of Schadenfreude) about the travails of the for-profit education sector. After some years of being told that "the Phoenixes are going to take over the world", it's good to see some perspective returning.

In case you're still not convinced, here's still another in a line of retrenchments in that sector:
5 For-Profit Campuses Lose Accreditation After Abrupt Closures
My guess is that the juggernaut-like expansion of for-profit higher ed had little to do with new and exciting technologies, and a great deal to do with cheap investment capital blowing bubbles everywhere. Now those bubbles are popping and we're returning to a little more sense. Yes, established non-profit higher ed faces a lot of challenges. But I don't see the upstarts taking over anytime soon - certainly not with their track record in recent years.

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