Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Why Simple Slogans About Guns Don't Work

This story is too awful for much commentary:
KY Girl, 2, accidentally shot and killed
This level of tragedy is hard, and I'm sure the family is devastated. But a few questions come to mind:

• Is there an age below which it is criminally reckless to give a child a gun? What if they had given the gun to the 2 year old?

• Is it appropriate on a personal to criminally charge parents who have just lost one of their children? Is it societally appropriate not to?

• To borrow Wayne LaPierre's parlance, was the 5 year old shooter in this case a "bad guy with a gun"? And if so, would a "good guy with a gun" have been sufficient (or necessary) to stop him?

• If the price of security for a home is to be armed, does that price include exposure to this kind of risk? If so, how does that balance against a real-world assessment of threats?

Reality is much messier than our bumper stickers would have it - and sometimes, far more awful.


  1. You're right-- hard to resist the urge, though I wouldn't call it "reveling" in their tragedy.

  2. It's strange how cognitive dissonance will allow many to sidestep your very pertinent questions.