Wednesday, April 30, 2014

An Odd Corner of the Higher Education Industry

I saw this headline in today's Inside Higher Ed:
ConnectEDU Files for Bankruptcy Protection
This is a company that had sought to provide advising to students in navigating through high school and college and into careers. It got some press because of a fairly sizable grant it received from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which also strikes me as an odd choice.

It's not that guiding students successfully through secondary and post-secondary education into productive careers isn't a good thing to do. And it's not that there isn't some need for doing so that isn't being met now. But how you make enough money doing so, when the population most in need (the working class and poor) are those least able to pay (the working class and poor), is beyond me. Apparently it was beyond them, too. Hopefully Gates got some useful knowledge out of the experiment.

In the meantime, there are resources - more plentiful in some places than in others - in both high school and college to help students navigate these challenges. Most of those resources are free, which will continue to make them the preferred option, especially for those of limited means. Certainly universities need to do a better job in this area - but it appears the private sector isn't going to take the job away from us just yet.

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